We real estate brokers have made it through Zillow. We’ve made it through the pandemic. And we’re not only going to make it, we’re going to rock it with ChatGPT. 

If you’re feeling a bit freaked out about the new Jetson’s-level online robot, I get it. Listen, new technology rocks the boat. You might stumble, and not be sure what is safe to grab onto. But people have been freaked out by the pen, the bicycle, and the printing press. And we’ve all managed to incorporate these into our lives in myriad positive ways. 

When it comes to technology, “Yes, and…” is the only way. Resistance to change guarantees to have you left in the dust. 

What is ChatGPT?

Basically, ChatGPT puts everything on the internet into a blender and spits out whatever smoothie of information you want. 

How is ChatGPT different from a Google search?

A Google search will give you the information, but ChatGPT will deliver the information back to you in the form, voice, and length you want. 

Let’s talk about Property Descriptions. 

First, I’m going to tell ChatGPT the role it needs to play: 

Speak as a luxury real estate agent in New York City. 

Then, I’ll add in what I want it to do:

Write a property description for the listing here: https://kirstenjordanteam.com/listing/440-west-end-avenue-6a/ 

Then, I’ll tell it the outcome I’m hoping to get from this piece of text: 

Write it in a style that will entice readers to want to purchase the property. 

I put these sentences together as a single prompt. Here’s what it sent back:


If it didn’t get it right, you can click “Regenerate response” to have it try again. 

What you’ll find is that ChatGPT does a decent job, very quickly. Then it’s up to you to make it special. Consider ChatGPT your new coordinator or intern, but not in any way a replacement of you. 

As an example to show you the difference of style, here’s that same prompt, but requested in the style of Dr. Seuss. 


In order to stick to your brand, you’re going to have to tell it about the kind of voice you want it to have. Type in: “Write in a style that is [bold/fun/assertive].”

Continue the ChatGPT Conversation

Unlike with Google, with ChatGPT, you can keep the conversation going. Each chat session is automatically named and listed on the top left of the screen. To return, click on it and type a new prompt at the bottom. It will take all the previous information into consideration. 

For example, here I’ll ask it to write an announcement email for “this property,” and it will know it’s the one previously referenced in this chat. 


How Real Estate Brokers Should Not Use ChatGPT

Don’t just copy and paste anything from ChatGPT. Not only will your search results be punished by Google, there’s no way ChatGPT will get your brand right. In this day and age, your brand and your voice are paramount. 

Don’t blindly trust the facts. It can seem so intelligent that you start to be lulled into just believing everything it says. Don’t make that mistake. The current version was trained on the internet up until 2021, so it has no idea what’s happening now. Fact-check. 

Don’t put confidential information into the chat. Sensitive information about your clients, such as personal details or financial information, should be kept private. 

Listen, don’t be afraid to embrace new technology like ChatGPT and use it to your advantage. It’s a tool that can help you streamline your workflow and focus on what really matters: selling properties and serving your clients, as the human that you are.